We Are KentSnow

KentSnow is the University of Kent’s Ski & Snowboard club and the one club you’ll be sure to hear about around UKC campus. Whether that be for our mighty Winter and Easter ski trips we hold annually or the weird and wonderful things we get up to on our snocials, you’re bound to run into us at some point.

The club has so much to offer to our members, including the opportunity to compete for our race or freestyle teams, both regionally and nationally! Lessons for those of you that are beginners and socials for those who just want to chill!

Whether you shred the pow-pow or an absolute snowsports virgin, NO WORRIES, KentSnow is the club for you.

Meet the committee

PRESIDENT - Felix Trash

Felix Trash (yes that is actually his second name) is the Head Honcho, El Presidenté, the go-to guy for this year’s committee. He’s a ski instructor seasonaire with a passion for pow, a mean dancer and a big romancer. He was a social sec last year, so he’s always approachable. It would seem like Felix has mastered it all, but there’s one thing our charismatic President hasn’t quite mastered the art of, and that’s group Tinder dates - with his one and only foray into the field ending in paralytic dinner conversations and a subsequent early bed time for tuckered-out Felix. Having described himself as an ‘International Citizen’ you better believe that he’s a cunning linguist. He once turned to his friends in the Alps when ordering a kebab stating, ‘It’s alright guys, I speak frogs legs’. Overall, you’re in safe hands for the year- just be warned, he talks in his sleep, and has been known to scream, ‘I intend to meet you in the foyer’ mid-REM.

Email: president@kentsnow.co.uk

VICE-PRESIDENT - Pierce Chalmers

Pierce Chalmers, what can I say. He is your Vice President for this upcoming year, which means he oversees KentSnow’s finances. It’s a good thing that he studies economics, because he will be providing you with a ‘KentSnow means KentSnow’, ‘strong and stable’ fiscal year. He has been known to overspend, however, particularly on fixed costs like food. This has led to the long term economic plan of a spending bubble (his belly), a phenomenon that has been coined, ‘the credit munch’. This absolute worldie was poached from rugby when we heard him say comments like, ‘I hate rugby, KentSnow is way better’. He’s looser than a wizard’s sleeve, girls of his have been thieved, Pierce Chalmers is absolutely bananas!

Email: vicepres@kentsnow.co.uk

CLUB CAPTAIN - Paul Tucker

Paul ‘Poodle’ Tucker is your new Club Captain this year! He’ll certainly be looking for a fresh start after consistently failing to do his job as Media Sec last year, and promising to “come out swinging” at anyone who dared to suggest otherwise. Jokes aside, Paul is no doubt looking forward to organising BUDS, coordinating beginner lessons, and walking girls home from Venue for cuddles and below-average banter! Make sure you come and ask him about the club, he’ll be more than happy to fill you in with everything we’ve got planned this year. Just don’t touch his camera, not that he ever uses it…

Email: clubcaptain@kentsnow.co.uk

RACE CAPTAIN - Calvin Pearson

To all of our surprise, Calvin Pearson got re-elected to be your race captain for the upcoming year. He will be in charge of race training and the squads competing, and if you are lucky, he might even remember to book sessions this year! Calvin grew up in the Alps, and he certainly won’t let you forget it - the only thing bigger than his ego is his belly. Calvin’s favourite activities include day drinking and eating pizza while watching TV, and of course getting smashed in Venue. Calvin is the person to go to for any racing-related matters- just remember to ignore his Trump-like jokes!

Email: race@kentsnow.co.uk


What to say about Tuuli? Well firstly she, like the race captain, will be affected by Brexit, thanks to her Finnish nationality (which explains the weird name). Tuuli, while being very agile on a pair of skis, has an unbelievable way with nightclub bouncers. She will be your best friend when getting into clubs around town. She says its thanks to her great people skills, others put it down to her very revealing tops. When Tuuli isn't using her "people skills" on the employees of Akon Security, you may find her around campus in her active wear, which she religiously walks around in to go to her daily gym session. Some even speculate that when drinking her G&T she pops a couple steroids in it. One thing is for sure, she can squat more than anyone else on committee. The last thing I could say about Tuuli is that, despite her muscles and people skills, she is very understanding and supportive with everyone who wants to Freestyle or join the society!

Email: freestyle@kentsnow.co.uk


As KentSnow’s pet puppy, none of us are quite sure how Euan Scott managed to bumble his way onto the committee. Drunk and disorderly are two key attributes of a social sec, and Euan has these in spades. For instance, he once came home from a night out covered in scratch marks, wearing only his boxers, with apparently no recollection of how this happened. Some say he was attacked by a cat, others say he was pounced upon by a cougar… Euan’s Dad was the first British man to climb Mount Everest, but Euan has yet to ascend Elliot footpath. He goes to the library so little that at the end of second year he had to ask where the toilets were. As your male social sec, Euan can always be counted on for flipping you some pancakes at 5AM, a good game of Eye Spy, or as a drinking partner- just make sure you catch him before he’s kicked out of Venue

Email: socials@kentsnow.co.uk


Your most feminine social sec for this year will be the glamorous Mia Glasspell! Don’t be fooled by her Nike trainers and glitter-caked face, for when the sun goes down, the real raver comes out. Despite living sober for the best part of a year, it is now written in tales of legend, which can only be described as a ‘wave of funk’, of a dancing Mia letting loose on the dance floor at 6AM. Don’t worry if you think this will interfere with her role as social sec, for the Glasspell never sleeps; she’s always formulating innovative ideas and ‘persuading’ Felix for extra leg room on socials. If you want to know more about socials, or you’re just feeling a bit lonely, slide into this girls DMs, as she will always be happy for a chat!

Email: socials@kentsnow.co.uk


"UP THE IRONS!" you hear from a distance, who is it you ask? Well it's none other than your Media Sec for this year, Sam. An ex-committee member who has just spent a year state-side being taught the ways of weak beer and weak banter amongst some steezy new techniques to throw into his edits. Always armed with that charming smile and his trusty claret and blue top, Sam will be sure to pump out some serious Michael Bay quality videos... Don't let him pack your suitcase though…

Email: media@kentsnow.co.uk


Who’s that in the wavy vintage charity shop tee-shirt listening to that Fatima Yamaha track you probably haven’t heard of? It could only be KentSnow’s Design Sec and king of edge Ben Ekbery! He’s a DJ, if he hasn’t already told you. If you’re not catching his wonderful dancing on the Venue floor he’s probably in bed with his fellow committee members and lying about it. When it comes to design, he knows his stuff, and that’s why the club’s image is so damn fresh. Keep your eye out for the fresh merchandise and promotion he will be putting out this year.

Email: media@kentsnow.co.uk