We Are KentSnow

KentSnow is the University of Kent’s Ski & Snowboard club and the one club you’ll be sure to hear about around UKC campus. Whether that be for our mighty Winter and Easter ski trips we plan every year or the weird and wonderful things we get up to on our snocials, you’re bound to run into us at some point.

The club has so much to offer to our members, including the opportunity to race for our ski and snowboard teams or join the freestyle team and compete in regional and national competitions with other university snowsports clubs.

Whether you shred the pow-pow or an absolute snowsports virgin, NO WORRIES, KentSnow is the club for you.

Meet the committee


Alright alright! My names Bronte and I'm your KentSnow madam presidente for 2016/17 and I am very excitable! My job is to make sure the whole club is running smoothly from trainings to tour and everything inbetween, so that all our members are getting the most out of KS and most importantly having the best time whilst doing so. I started out as a social sec so apart from being the big bad boss nowadays, you'll still find me drinking snakebite for hydration whilst pulling some moderately outlandish dance moves in venue. Join me! KS has made my university experience and I can't wait to pass that on to you. So if you have any burning KS questions or see my on campus come say hey!

Love Bron x



I'm your Vice President, here to take over if Bronte dies. But in the meantime my main job is handling the finances of the club. I am also in charge of handling our sponsorships for the year and generally helping out around the club. Some of you may better recognise me from the grime scene in which I like to go by the name of Skepta. #thatsnotme



I’m Seb and I’m your Club Captain. I’m your man for competitions, beginner lessons or anything else you want to know about KentSnow. I am known to occasionally cross-dress and have been told I make a very attractive girl! Whether you're looking for a big baguette, or you've been caught with your pants down and you're in a sticky situation with the gendarmes, you can always count on my smooth talking to help you out.



Hi I’m Calvin! I’m this year’s Race Captain for Kent Snow, so I’ll be taking care of the training and the racing of ski and snowboard squads. Back home I’m a ski instructor during the winter. This year I hope to see as many freshers as possible trying skiing or snowboarding, and hope to see more people willing to race for Kent Snow. Just because it’s ski racing doesn’t mean it’s reserved for experienced skiers only. On the contrary we encourage people to give it a go if they feel up to it even if they don’t consider themselves to be great skiers!

Racing for Kent Snow is really fun and it also gives you opportunities to go and ski all over country and maybe overseas. It’s also a great way to become a better skier and gain confidence in your skiing or snowboarding abilities. If you’re interested in racing don’t hesitate to come and speak to me



Ready for a year of unforgettable, steezy action? Then look no further, I'm this year's freestyle captain and I'll be in charge of all things freestyle related.My names Imogen, and this will be my fourth year in KentSnow, so I've been around for long enough to source out some great deals and venues for the training sessions I have planned! We will be running sessions on a Thursday night, and we've got trampoline, dry slope and artificial snow domes planned! But don't worry training is not just for those experienced park rats, we will be actively encouraging newbies to get involved in our beginner freestyle sessions! If you want to perfect your skills, try a new sport, or even you’re Just here for the party, then don't hesitate to come take a visit and meet us all at freshers fayre!



Hi. I’m Felix, your male social sec. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. I’m the guy working with Tiff to organize all the fun and games you will come to enjoy over the coming year. If you’re ever looking for someone to have a beer with, I’m your man. I look forward to meeting you all when you join our club, I know you will have a wicked time. Don’t act like you’re not impressed. Stay classy guys.



Hi, I'm Tiff (your female Socail Sec)! I am KentSnow. KentSnow is nothing without me. I am nothing without KentSnow. I am KentSnow. My job involves making sure everyone is having a good time. I plan socials, make sure everyone's embarrassing stories end up on our infamous KentSnow Times Online Facebook page and generally make sure everyone is getting along and getting drunk! But if you find you're not enjoying yourself, blame Felix Trash. Because he's shit.



Hello, I’m Paul. You’ll get to know me as Poodle. I’m your Media Secretary for this year, I’ll be here to make sure your best and worst moments as a member of Kent Snow are captured on camera and posted as a reminder of your amazing times that you are guaranteed to have at KentSnow. If you have any questions about the media side of KentSnow, don’t be afraid to approach me and fire away. See you on the slopes!



My role this year as Merch and Design Secretary is to ensure that the club is getting the sharpest and steeziest designs possible. That includes overseeing merchandise, promo and web design! I’ve been busy making sure KentSnow is looking as good as it possibly can be for 2016/17! I’m a keen attendee of tours and socials and I’m partial to the occasional chunder, so you can count on bumping into me on the slopes, in the bar, or with my head in a bucket.